Elite Hair

I cannot Recommend Steve and the WordPress Site Management Team at ManageWP® Australia Enough.

Our website was previously hosted with a major organisation which was absolute Chaos. The problems were large and numerous and we were in desperate need of assistance. After an insurmountable number of phone calls and emails I was unable to find someone to rectify all our issues as well as migrate our website from one host to another.

After talking to Steve at ManageWP® a light appeared at the end of the tunnel. Although I have dabbled in I.T myself, the Knowledge, experience and practical skills Steve possesses are nothing short of extraordinary. Steve was able to Migrate our whole website and databases, debug and fix all the issues we had and rectify all the issues we had with our emails.

With our previous host – which was a large well known company, we were without direct emails for over 2 months and nobody there could tell us why or fix it. Steve took care of everything which was very refreshing and took a load off our shoulders – it was a blessing.

ManageWP® WordPress Site Management hosting is super secure and since joining we have never had any security issues, downtime or email issues whatsoever.

Steve monitors the website like a hawk and constantly updates software versions to avoid any vulnerabilities and security issues.

Others we have used in the past are using versions of software that is 2+ years old which can lead to major security problems and even blacklisting of your website by google.

Steve is always on hand to answer questions and seems to answer my emails instantly, honestly and in a language anyone can understand – I am unsure if he sleeps!

The value is amazing considering what you get, I was actually paying more at my previous host for a private server I could not access, a website I could not edit and an inactive email server.

If your website is important to you, then do yourself a favour and call ManageWP® – you will not regret it.

It is with absolute conviction that I recommend them as I know they will prove my testimonial accurate.

Brendon Kelly – Elite Hair