HTTPS Secure Service

HTTPS Secure - padlock in browserIf you are serious about your business you will know that search engine rankings can make or break your site. HTTPS Secure service ensures your site is served over HTTPS without any errors providing trust for users and search engines.

Google have made their business about providing good quality search results to their search customers.  This means that they will rank sites higher based on their own criteria including trust, site speed, relevance etc.

Most browsers will indicate whether a site has been loaded using https secure (encrypted with an SSL certificate) and the level of compliance with a symbol.  The symbol shows whether the SSL certificate is valid for the site and up to date, what level of trust the certificate provides, whether all page elements are served over https or mixed http, and for the visitor – can I trust this site with my personal information?

High bounce rates may be reduced by ensuring your site is secure. Don’t pay for traffic unless your site is https secure!

100% Satisfaction GuaranteedWordPress sites can be problematic when it comes to https secure compliance. There are plugins which can assist by intercepting the page elements and forcing https.  The issue with these is that they add another layer of processing (delay) and another plugin requiring management.  Transfer of plugin ownership may put your site at risk of backdoor access and malware, ransomware, or even theft of processing resources for crypto-currency mining.  The best and safest way is to assess the page elements as they load and rectify issues with non-secure elements of the page.

This service provides a full audit of your web site including a malware scan.  We then rectify the code to remove non-secure elements so that your site is trusted and https secure for Google and your customers.  Finally we provide a report of any issues identified.

We will require the following to perform this service:

  1. Access to your hosting management (CPanel, Plesk, etc)
  2. Admin access to your WordPress site admin

Users of this service who take up WordPress Management within 3 months of this service will receive free setup.

HTTPS Secure Service

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