Good Neighborhood Hosting – Safe communities of WordPress sites

WordPress hosting is affected by the hosting neighborhood in which it exists. This is through shared resources resulting in slow performance or sharing with sites that have a bad reputation.

A bad neighborhood equates to shared hosting on server farms with anyone and everyone including those that misbehave.  Not all shared hosting is bad as it depends on the resources available and the other customers sharing those resources.

Servers have fixed costs based on the resources they require. The shared hosting business model is high utilisation and high density – the more hosting they can squeeze into the same server the more profitable it is. The attraction for the customer is price, and the sales copy will claim that they are secure and perform regular updates (WordPress core only for managed WordPress hosting). What they don’t advertise is that the other sites on the same server will affect your site.

If a spammer sets up shop next door then your IP address will likely be blacklisted. Same for the mail server. And if sites are not updated regularly (core, plugins, themes) they will be exploited by hackers also attracting a blacklist from Google. The way to ensure your site is safe from others is to be on a server where every site is fully maintained (all updates, not just WordPress) and any spamming or Malware is quickly detected and eliminated or the user evicted before the neighbors are affected?

A recent customer utilising our WordPress Assistance was suffering lots of small issues with their installation. They had recently moved hosts to escape from a server that was regularly blacklisted with unresponsive support. Their new host promised that their business grade hosting was secure and well supported due to their size and that they would even migrate the site for free. The migration did not go well and a recent check of the mail hosting and hosting IP addresses found both to be blacklisted. They could not receive emails from their web site most likely because of the blacklist and the hosting company is scratching their head. How much is this costing their business and reputation? Was it worth the savings? Unfortunately we will never know.

We offer “good neighborhood” hosting on our own server where every site is under management.

  • All updates are carried out within a contracted time and any issues resolved.
  • All sites are regularly scanned for malware and backed up before each update and the backup stored off site.
  • Uptime is monitored and all backend activity monitored and reported.
  • We also install a firewall to stop attacks before they start and throttle visitors who are behaving in a suspicious way.
  • Our outgoing mail is piped through a server provider that measures activity and provides proactive reputation reporting and disciplinary action against spammers ensuring your email will not be blacklisted and will always get through.
  • Residents in our safe neighborhood have more time to concentrate on their business rather than tinkering with WordPress.
  • Reports of all activity are available through the Account Login

In summary, our WordPress Managed Hosting neighborhood is safe, friendly, spacious, and never congested.  Our tenants tend to be long term because they enjoy the security and personal service of our safe neighborhood hosting.

If you are concerned that your business is being affected by other sites on your shared server please contact us to for a review of your current hosting and site. We won’t provide high pressure sales tactics or put you on some list. Our passion is to provide an environment and system that ensures your business is safe and secure and allows you to do what you do best rather than wasting time tracking down problems with hosting or WordPress or missing emails.

Our hosting is only available to our Management Customers.

We look forward to seeing you in our safe neighborhood!

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