What does the setup fee cover?

The setup fee covers the time required to setup WordPress management and update WordPress and themes / plugins as needed.  In addition, many sites have issues after upgrade that must be rectified (if possible).  In some cases new plugins must be found and configured to provide similar functionality.  There is a reasonableness test applied and you will be notified if there is additional charges expected at which time you may cancel or proceed with the new pricing.

Each level of WordPress management has additional levels of scrutiny and measurement.  Reports must be setup for each customer and the detail varies depending on the chosen plan.

We are always happy to answer questions and provide advice on your site.  We also log all actions and always backup before we make changes so you know that your site can be restored if anything goes wrong.

We believe we provide the best WordPress Management Service in this sector and hope to have your site under our care in the near future.