I purchased WordPress Assistance time. What can I use it for?

You can purchase WordPress Assistance time for any purpose and draw on the resource over a 12 month period.

We do provide discounts for bulk purchases of WordPress assistance time and this will be calculated within the cart at checkout.

If you have an issue with your WordPress site or can’t get something to look right why not use our services to help you get back to business.

Here is a list of some of the things that WordPress assistance has been used for:

  • WordPress Site relocation
  • DNS setup
  • New WordPress site pages
  • Moderating WordPress comments
  • Setting up your WordPress configuration to lock down comments (anti-spam)
  • Create and configure WordPress Forms
  • Adding Captcha to a WordPress form
  • Investigating clashes between themes and plugins
  • Investigating hacks and rescuing hacked sites
  • Consultancy on Shopping Carts / Ecommerce, WordPress plugins, and custome functionality
  • Speeding up WordPress sites through caching, minimization, compression, CDN servers etc.
  • New WordPress sites and designs