Why should I rent when I can buy?

When you rent a site from Pro ManageWP you are getting a fully managed, secure, premium site that you can safely leave in our hands while you concentrate on your business.

You will not require a large capital investment and costs for premium themes and plugins are absorbed by us.

The monthly premium includes hosting, management, and the site rental which is a significant saving on each item alone.

We keep your new web site – the online face of your business – shiny and new, safe and secure, backed up and online, optimised for desktop and mobile, and ranked on Google.

To summarise:

  1. No large capital investment
  2. All updates, backups, security scans, uptime monitoring, SEO, site optimisation are handled by us
  3. Depending on the plan, usable time included for edits and changes
  4. Tax friendly
  5. Easy monthly payments that cover hosting, management, and site rental.