If I rent a site, do I own it?

You own your content including text, photos or images provided by you.  We will assist you in purchasing a domain name or purchase on your behalf if required.

We own the design and structure of the site.  We provide a professional site through the use of premium themes and plugins which we subscribe to and pass on the benefit to you as long as you are under our care.

Other benefits include hardened hosting on our server, regular WordPress core, themes, and plugin updates, regular backups, uptime monitoring, optimisation, SEO and analytics, access to WordPress training videos, and depending on the plan – available time.

All features are bundled and discounted to provide the best value proposition to our business customers. For example, to purchase a standard business site (SME) the average business would be required to pay; premium theme $50pa, plugins $50pa, web site development $2000, hosting $10 pm, management $45pm.  This equates to $3520 + GST over 2 years.  Under our plan you would pay $300 for setup, and $60pm which equates to $1740 + GST over 2 years or less than 50% of the traditional route.

If you wish to leave, we will provide a backup of your site without our licences on payment of the severance fee if within the contract period.  You will be able to relocate the site and purchase your own licences to restore full functionality.  You will no longer benefit from our secure hosting or management (unless you wish to retain management).

Our goal is to provide an exceptional service that is tax effective, excellent value, and relieves the business of the responsibility to develop and update the site.