Can I still make changes to my site if it is under WordPress management?

Yes you can work with your site as you always have done.

You will notice some differences when you login.  We will place some additional plugins on your site that we then use for remote management, backups, security etc.

You will be able to contact us directly through your WordPress console as we include a Support button and messaging system through our WordPress Management service.

We will see if you make changes and will notify you if any of these changes cause issues – plugin or theme problems are an example.

We can restore your backup if you inadvertently cause an issue or lose data.  If you have a plan with usable time we will debit time from your plan otherwise we may charge for restorations.  Where the restoration is due to a WordPress, plugin, or theme update that then requires a restoration of a previous backup there will be no charge or debit of your time.

We can also make any changes to your site on your behalf.  Just contact us with your request and we can debit usable time or quote you for specific work.  We also sell usable time in 0.5 hour increments for any purpose and you have 12 months from purchase before expiry.