Frequently Asked Questions

What level of SEO do you offer as part of a management plan?

We offer a basic SEO service as part of a plan.

SEO consists of optimising each page for a keyword phrase (if required) and ensuring there are no page issues that would affect rankings and we use the Yoast plugin for this.

We are Yoast SEO Certified specifically for WordPress sites.

This service does not include measurement against competitors or competitor ranking, submissions, off page factors (link building or Social Media), or formal reports.

Google analytics will be integrated into your site and we will assist with setting up an account if you do not have one.

Further assistance may be requested through our assistance service or negotiated based on scope of work.
Steven Irwin from Manage WP Australia successfully completed the Yoast SEO for WP Training course!

Do you provide management services on WordPress Multisite installations?

We do not offer our regular maintenance service on WordPress multisites.

Please contact us for an evaluation and quote

Do you provide hosting?

We provide hosting to our management customers if required and you can select the hosting option at checkout.

We can assist you in finding a suitable host and offer a relocation service if required.

Our hosting is sold only to management customers to ensure all hosted sites are secure.  This provides a “good neighborhood” for hosting and minimises the risk of being blacklisted due to the activity of others.

I purchased WordPress Assistance time. What can I use it for?

You can purchase WordPress Assistance time for any purpose and draw on the resource over a 12 month period.

We do provide discounts for bulk purchases of WordPress assistance time and this will be calculated within the cart at checkout.

If you have an issue with your WordPress site or can’t get something to look right why not use our services to help you get back to business.

Here is a list of some of the things that WordPress assistance has been used for:

  • WordPress Site relocation
  • DNS setup
  • New WordPress site pages
  • Moderating WordPress comments
  • Setting up your WordPress configuration to lock down comments (anti-spam)
  • Create and configure WordPress Forms
  • Adding Captcha to a WordPress form
  • Investigating clashes between themes and plugins
  • Investigating hacks and rescuing hacked sites
  • Consultancy on Shopping Carts / Ecommerce, WordPress plugins, and custome functionality
  • Speeding up WordPress sites through caching, minimization, compression, CDN servers etc.
  • New WordPress sites and designs
Can I still make changes to my site if it is under WordPress management?

Yes you can work with your site as you always have done.

You will notice some differences when you login.  We will place some additional plugins on your site that we then use for remote management, backups, security etc.

You will be able to contact us directly through your WordPress console as we include a Support button and messaging system through our WordPress Management service.

We will see if you make changes and will notify you if any of these changes cause issues – plugin or theme problems are an example.

We can restore your backup if you inadvertently cause an issue or lose data.  If you have a plan with usable time we will debit time from your plan otherwise we may charge for restorations.  Where the restoration is due to a WordPress, plugin, or theme update that then requires a restoration of a previous backup there will be no charge or debit of your time.

We can also make any changes to your site on your behalf.  Just contact us with your request and we can debit usable time or quote you for specific work.  We also sell usable time in 0.5 hour increments for any purpose and you have 12 months from purchase before expiry.

My plan includes usable time. What can this be used for?

Usable time is available for any purpose on the site under WordPress management.

Some examples of where you can claim your usable time:

  • Update to content – edit text, images, etc.
  • Moderate comments
  • Setup new plugins
  • Update products in your Shopping Cart
  • Investigate problems with your site
  • Discuss new development
  • Setup SEO on your pages
  • Speed up your WordPress site
  • anything that helps you get on with running your business.
What does the setup fee cover?

The setup fee covers the time required to setup WordPress management and update WordPress and themes / plugins as needed.  In addition, many sites have issues after upgrade that must be rectified (if possible).  In some cases new plugins must be found and configured to provide similar functionality.  There is a reasonableness test applied and you will be notified if there is additional charges expected at which time you may cancel or proceed with the new pricing.

Each level of WordPress management has additional levels of scrutiny and measurement.  Reports must be setup for each customer and the detail varies depending on the chosen plan.

We are always happy to answer questions and provide advice on your site.  We also log all actions and always backup before we make changes so you know that your site can be restored if anything goes wrong.

We believe we provide the best WordPress Management Service in this sector and hope to have your site under our care in the near future.

Who is ManageWP Professional and why should we trust you?

A.  We are a small business based in Australia providing Telecommunications, IT, Security, and Web services.  We have been in business since 2000 and in that time have seen the introduction and growth of WordPress.  In our day to day support business we have seen the take up of WordPress as the CMS of choice accelerate rapidly.  Wordpress is incredibly flexible and allows people with little coding knowledge build impressive web sites.  At the same time, the popularity of WordPress has meant that the dark side of the internet has taken interest in exploiting WordPress sites through WordPress core code, themes, and plugins. Regular updates are mostly in response to exploits and WordPress updates tend to ripple through all the plugins and themes as the developers catch up.

To cut short the story, unless WordPress sites are kept up to date they will be hacked.  This might not be obvious as they may be using your server resources to spam email the internet or offer pirate downloads etc.  Your web site may be involved in attacks on other web sites and servers without your knowledge.

We decided to offer a service to our customers to take on the regular updates and development tasks that were quickly overwhelming them and their business. We also found that many hosting providers were putting our customer sites at risk by not insisting that other sites sharing the same resources (server, IP address) were kept updated so we setup our own managed hosting with the goal of ensuring our customers web sites and data were safe.

We are dedicated, knowledgeable, and ready to provide a service to you.  Please contact us to discuss your unique requirements without any obligation.

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