Certified Digital Marketing Professional

Manage WP Australia are now offering digital marketing services including SEO, site optimisation, search engine marketing, social media marketing, analytics setup and management, and general web site consulting. 

Digital Marketing is not just advertising or social media or SEO.  Professional Digital Marketing comes from an indepth understanding of your brand values, your ideal customer, and how to showcase your offering to that customer in an efficient way, and the actions you wish the customer to take (conversion).  When you know who your ideal customer is we can then design a marketing method to meet them where they are and track their engagement towards conversion.  Proper tracking and measurement will ensure any digital marketing spend or effort is efficient and cost effective and maximise ROI (return on investment).


We offer a no obligation general consultancy to discuss your digital marketing requirements and discuss how to improve your site performance and ROI. Our consultant will outline our processes without the use of jargon so that you know the steps and costs involved if you wish to proceed.


We provide monthly reports from 3rd party audits and full access to your Google Analytics 4 account so you can independently audit progress.

If you are interesting is discussing Digital Marketing  services please contact us through our contact page or the form below.

Our Promise

Our promise is that we only charge for work we do and we are happy to cap work based on agreed activities and monthly budget.  When you work with us you are working one on one with a Certified Digital Marketing Professional.

About:  ManageWP Australia provide WordPress Site Care and Server Management to site owners and designers.  We also provide secure hosting and relocation services if required.  We do not design web sites although we are happy to make changes to existing designs where appropriate.  We will NEVER approach you to redesign your site as our focus is security (server and site), recover-ability, monitoring, and restoration.  Please contact us if you would like an assessment of your current server or site security or need some assistance or advice with your site.