Case Study – Professional WordPress Management | National Products Fulfilment

National Products Fulfilment (NPF) is Australia’s leading Order Fulfilment Company and recently contacted Manage WP® Australia seeking assistance with managing their web sites.

One of their sites, Australian Fulfilment, was built using a custom Content Management System (CMS) by a company that has since gone out of business.  The site was hosted under new management that no longer offered the services of the previous provider.  NPF sought to relocate the custom site to NPF’s own dedicated private hosting server and look to migrating the existing site to WordPress.

The NPF hosting server was assessed to see if it could host the existing CMS after relocation. The CMS code was protected with Source Guardian and therefore had specific requirements to be able to decrypt the php code and serve the site.  The required php version was 5.3 and the existing NPF server was running a later version.

Various options were evaluated and Cloud Linux was selected due to the following features:

  • Selection of php version per hosting account, and
  • Option to implement CageFS which essentially separates each account (Cage) and manages server resources on a site (account) by site basis.  This prevents one site hogging all server resources and reducing the performance of all accounts.

Cloud Linux was configured and implemented with CageFS and multiple php versions and the custom CMS site was relocated and hosted on the revamped server.

In the meantime a new WordPress site was created to emulate the original custom CMS.  The old site included a separate hosted mobile site relying on redirection while the new site was to be responsive and readable on mobile devices.

The WordPress emulation required plugins for sliders, SEO, Video Light Box, Mega Menu, and a premium theme that would allow custom CSS and different post types.

A theme from the Themify range was chosen along with Themify Post Type Builder for news, blog posts, and testimonials. The menu was created using Max Mega Menu Pro and the SEO of the existing site protected through Yoast SEO 301 redirects to ensure the new site map would work with the existing Google indexed pages.

Essentially the old site was migrated to WordPress and improved while retaining the existing SEO features implemented over many years.

The site was then integrated into our WordPress Management system providing Firewall, Off Site Backup, Up Time Monitoring, Remote Update capability, and in dashboard support facility.  The site can be seen online here:

At the same time the existing main site, , and a new site for the India market, , were also integrated into our management environment.

NPF are now seeing the benefits of WordPress Management and have leveraged the skills of Manage WP® Australia in other areas such as WordPress Development, Server Management, and Hosting Management.  Our customers benefit by our developer licences of premium themes and plugins and by having one centralised point of contact for any activity related to their current sites.

If you are considering our services and would like a reference we encourage you to contact NPF to find out how we can free up your time while providing peace of mind.

Please contact us today to discuss how we can streamline your site management while providing security and peace of mind.

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