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My name is SJ Irwin and I am one of the founding partners of ManageWP® Australia. I have over 30 year experience with technology with the defence forces, television broadcast, telecommunication, and consulting.  During this time I was also learning about the internet and how servers and routers work to create the web as we know it.  My passion is technology, not just understanding it but also helping others to use it for their benefit.

I started with managing servers over 10 years ago and my first major client was a web development company named Allcorp based in Cairns. I provided support for their servers and hosting customers as well as providing hand developed shopping carts and CMS type functionality written in php/MySQL.  I still do this today and you can see their testimonial on this site.

Since then I have become active in providing assistance for larger companies such as National Products Fulfilment where I manage their server and multiple WordPress sites ensuring their sites are secure, updated, and backed up. I also provide many other functions for them – you can see their testimonial here.  I have many more small and medium size customers who I provide WordPress management, hosting, site relocations, content updates and tweaks, and consulting advice.

I believe that we differentiate ourselves from others through our desire to be the best support we can be.  We are a people business and we put our customers first by ensuring their sites are secure, malware free, up to date, online and reachable, and recoverable if the worst should happen. We protect business reputation by methodically administrating their site(s) and server to ensure they are never blacklisted due to hackers while also providing a friendly approachable assistance service to our customers. 

I would love to discuss your requirements at any time and look forward to meeting you!  Please send me your contact details through the form below to schedule a call.

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SJ Irwin

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More about us and WordPress Management

We are a specialist engineering business based on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

We have over 15 years experience through our sister business Active Online in providing specialist application development, server support, WordPress support and development, and IT consulting.  We have been providing these services to hosting companies and web developers and decided that there are many businesses that could benefit from our expertise within the WordPress niche.  Many of these businesses are reliant on web sites developed by designers that have since moved on, or sites developed internally and are now exposed to the army of hackers relentlessly searching for WordPress sites with known vulnerabilities due to lack of diligence.  Sounds dramatic?  It is far easier to protect a site and its reputation through diligence rather than restore a site at great expense of time and loss of rankings / reputation.

Many businesses entrust their web site design, hosting, and support to the original designer.  While many designers have staff with the required skills, the focus is on design including regular site redesigns.  Existing clients are low hanging fruit and can expect to be approached regularly for a redesign.  We are an IT company and will NEVER pressure you for a redesign. If you want to escape the design sales cycle and have your site care performed by experts who care more about security than a useful plugin or theme, please contact us to discuss your site.

Please note that we are not in any way related to managewp.com who provide a platform for self management of WordPress sites.  We are the Australian holder of the trademark Manage WP® and have the legal right to use the ® mark after the name.

Please contact us to find out what we can do for your site and business.

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Why do I need Wordpress Management?

Your WordPress site may be working perfectly one day and falling apart the next. The reasons for this are based on history and the open nature of the platform.

WordPress is a simple free open platform initially developed to build blogs and has evolved into an open source web site builder platform. In practice many independent WordPress programmers design new functionality as Themes, Plugins, and extensions and openly share their code online. The result is a fast evolving multi-function system – fantastic for businesses wanting a new web site fast – but also a victim of its own success.

While WordPress is a boon to business, allowing fast development, real-time content changes, and a simple interface for anyone who can use a word processing program, the two biggest fundamental challenges are Security and Updates.  This is due to the ripple on effect of updates to WordPress core then requiring themes and plugins to follow suit for compatibility.  Some developers choose to abandon their plugins and themes rather than fix problems which then causes issues with updates to the WordPress core.  Many web sites out there are no longer updated due to these very issues and hackers test for exploits in old versions so that they can turn your website into a tool to carry out their plans.

Wordpress Security

Since all of your websites code is available online, it is also easy for hackers to find security holes in your system. Moreover, every programmer having engaged in prior usage of this code can intentionally plant malicious code into the plugins, themes  and updates. For example, you may have a plugin installed that allows you to easily send out newsletters. What can happen however without your knowledge is that your mailing list is exposed and exploited by hackers.

Security is not just about the WorDpress platform, it is also about server exploits that allow hackers to access your online file system or query your database.  

For business, safeguarding your data from your competitors and criminal organisations is mandatory and the consequences may be fatal for your business and reputation.  These types of attacks are not often visible and therefore not detected until way after the damage is done.  In simple cases it may just be that hackers are spamming from your site, in others you may be inadvertently distributing malware, illegal software, or spreading viruses. At very least Google will black ban your site without you even knowing why.

Most businesses are concerned with hacks where the web site is defaced. This type of attack is embarrassing and inconvenient (especially if the site is not backed up) but is low on the scale of damage committed to your business.  This type of damage is visible and quickly repaired.  

Securing your site is an ongoing exercise to keep ahead of the hackers. Ensuring your hosting provider is secure, updating WordPress core, plugins, and themes, replacing plugins or themes that have been abandoned, locking down email, regular security scans to check files have not been altered or contain exploits, and sharing resources with similarly secured sites are all necessary steps to protect your site.

WordPress Updates

Updating your Wordpress core, plugins, and themes when updates are released is critical to ensure the website is not only looking and functioning correctly but the security of you and your customers information is safe. The majority of Wordpress sites include plugins and themes from a large array of developers.  Each of these has to be compatible with the WordPress version in use and any other interacting plugins / themes. Where these have not been updated, they need to be replaced by a similar secure plugin or theme.

Many site owners become overwhelmed with the sheer volume of updates and subsequent issues and defer updates indefinitely (until the site is hacked or falls over). The downside of this strategy is that your site may become blacklisted which also causes other sites on the same server to suffer the same fate.

Manage WP will secure your Wordpress site and ensure the security of you and your customers information while keeping the online face of your business up to date and working perfectly.


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