WordPress management and site care for busy business owners, startups, professionals, web designers, and site owners. 

Properly managing a WordPress site can take time.

Between the constant series of updates, regular backups, edits to content, SEO, landing pages and uptime monitoring, significant time that could be used for doing what you love – running your business – is spent looking after your site.  

The self management alternative is to let it slide which is a sure path to inviting hackers in.

WordPress Overwhelm

The unseen disaster for many WordPress sites comes from the site that Google sees.  

A visitor may not see broken links, or javascript errors, or see the pages and links to them setup by hackers through an exploit of a plugin or theme allowing them to sell whatever illegal or immoral product they are pushing.  A drop in search engine position or worse, a browser warning, are signs that something is wrong.

Loss of site reputation severely impacts business reputation, not to mention sales.

We have an easier way that we promise will give you your time back, reducing your costs, and provide peace of mind. Don’t just take our word for it, see our testimonials below!

We will NEVER approach you for a redesign of your site.  We are IT specialists, not Web Designers!
IT Expertise

You would never take you car for a mechanical service by the panel beater or for a panel repair by the auto-electrician so why would you let the web designer look after your security? 

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  • Elite Hair

    Elite Hair Logo

    I cannot Recommend Steve and the Team at ManageWP® Australia Enough. Our website was previously hosted with a major organisation which was absolute Chaos. The problems were large and numerous and we were in desperate need of assistance. After an insurmountable number of phone calls and emails I was unable to find someone to rectify all our issues as well as migrate our website from one host to another. After talking to Steve at ManageWP® a light appeared at the end of the tunnel. Although I have dabbled in I.T myself, the Knowledge, experience and practical skills Steve possesses are nothing short of extraordinary. Steve was able to Migrate our whole website and databases, debug and fix all the issues we had and rectify all the issues we had with our emails. With our previous host – which was a large well known company, we were without direct emails for over 2 months and nobody there could tell us why or fix it. Steve took care of everything which was very refreshing and took a load off our shoulders – it was a blessing. ManageWP® hosting is super secure and since joining we have never had any security issues, downtime or email issues whatsoever. Steve monitors the website like a hawk and constantly updates software versions to avoid any vulnerabilities and security issues. Others we have used in the past are using versions of software that is 2+ years old which can lead to major security problems and even blacklisting of your website by google. Steve is always on hand to answer questions and seems to answer my emails instantly, honestly and in a language anyone can understand – I am unsure if he sleeps! The value is amazing considering what you get, I was actually paying more at my previous host for a private server I could not access, a website I could not edit and an inactive email server. If your website is important to you, then do yourself a favour and call ManageWP® – you will not regret it. It is with absolute conviction that I recommend them as I know they will prove my testimonial accurate.

    Brendon Kelly
    Elite Hair

  • National Product Fulfilment

    National Products Fulfilment LogoManageWP have been truly an awesome company to work with. I have been with them for almost a year and they currently manage three of our websites. Steve Irwin, my main contact is not just a master with wordpress. He has an amazing knowledge of the industry. He works closely with our SEO team, our data centre and our web developers ensuring that our websites perform at their best. Nothing is too hard and task requests are completed within the promised time. I highly recommend ManageWP as provider of best practice wordpress solutions.

    Rodney Bartley

  • Technical Resource

    Allcorp LogoAllcorp has been working with Steve in relation to website and technical services for more than 10 years. Steve assists our company with technical PHP coding services, custom content management systems and the integration of database driven website backend interfaces. Steve also manages all of our hosted WordPress websites by ensuring they are all kept up to date and don’t contain vulnerabilities that are known to cause reliability and security issues. Within these areas of expertise, we find Steve is an asset to our business and provides a high level of professionalism in all of our dealings over the years. Steve has a high level of competence in his skillset and is able to effectively communicate instruction and address issues if they arise while maintaining an efficient product delivery schedule.

    Bril Mayer
    Managing Director

Our WordPress Management and Site Care Services 

WordPress is the World’s most popular CMS and as a result is the most targeted by those that wish to do your site harm.

ManageWP® Australia WordPress Management and Site Care service involves the integration of your site into our centralised management system.  We add several plugins to your site to monitor your security, versions of software, perform upgrades, monitor your uptime, backup your site to the cloud, and provide a dashboard hosted messaging system so you can message us immediately.

Our WordPress dashboard messager provides a quick way for you to request our help. 

Our promise to you is to free up your resources that would be required for proper WordPress Management of your site for a very low monthly or annual fee.  Our system will remove avenues of attack as soon as they are known and provide an off-site backup of your important files so you can be quickly up and running should the site or hosting be compromised.

We are also your on demand WordPress experts if you need any other assistance!  Trust us with your WordPress site modifications to ensure they are secure and of a high standard.

Regular Updates

Wordpress Core Updates
Plugin Updates
Theme Updates
Test Compatibility
Make Good Incompatibility
Interval based on plan
Post Update Checks

Security Strategy / Scans

Malicious Code
Altered Core, Plugin, or Theme
Blacklist Scan
Integrate Firewall
Test for Exploits
Harden Server
Interval based on plan

Backup / Restore Strategy

Database Backup
File System Backup
Stored Securely in the Cloud
Multiple Versions
Fully Managed
Restore Local or Remote
Interval based on plan

Uptime Monitoring

Proactive Response
Central Monitoring
Historical Performance
Based on plan

Website Performance

Based on plan


Dashboard Support Call
Hack Repair
Plugin / Theme Setup
Ecommerce Setup
Content Updates
Comment Moderation
Site Migration
New Site Design
Advanced SEO
Anything You Need!

Content Management Systems Popularity

43.2% of all web sites are hosted on CMS.

Content Management Systems(CMS) market percentage (source)…

  • wordpress1
    25.4% Total, 58.8% CMS Market
  • joomla1
    2.8% Total, 6.5% CMS Market
  • drupal1
    2.1% Total, 4.9% CMS Market
  • magenta1
    1.2% Total, 2.9% CMS Market

The above graphic shows just how popular Content Management Systems (CMS) are on the internet and WordPress is the most popular of all.  In fact over a quarter of all web sites are based on WordPress.

The power and simplicity of the WordPress ecosystem are probably the very reason your site is on WordPress. The power comes from the many developers producing plugins and themes that allow you to create any type of site you can imagine. And not only can you create it, you need no specialist knowledge at all!

The power and simplicity also create an easy target for hackers (dark side) who pore over the public code looking for exploits to allow them to carry out their nefarious plans.  An equally enthusiastic community (white side) continuously look for evidence of exploits and issue alerts to developers to close the exploits before damage is done.  Patched plugins, themes, and WordPress core code is then released as updates.

It is not possible to test all the updates with every possible combination of other plugin / theme / code and so it is left to the site owner to do the updates and then check that all is well.  And sometimes things go wrong and hopefully you have a backup you can restore to make things right.  If not……..

Imagine if this was all managed for you seamlessly with only a regular report to advise the activities? We keep your site updated and secure while also fixing any problems as they arise quietly behind the scenes.  We also perform any other WordPress or hosting based task you may need.

Please call us now to discuss your unique needs or order today!

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Our Maintenance Plans 

A recent security survey found that 38.9% of respondents reported their site compromised within the last 12 months. The respondents mostly ranked their WordPress experience as  intermediate or above.  66% of respondents believed that a hacked WordPress site would affect them financially.

Please see our great value plans below and call us to discuss for a no obligation appraisal of you current WordPress site.

Basic Wordpress Management $30*

$30* per month

Small Wordpress Site Management

Updates - Weekly

Security Scans - Weekly

Offsite Backup:

- 1 month retained

- Twice Weekly

Uptime Monitoring - 5 minutes

SEO and Analytics

Integrated Support

Hosting Available

Bonus Time:

- Annual Plan 0.5 hours pm

- Monthly Plan 0

Web Site Performance:

- HTML Optimisation

- JS Minimisation

- CSS Minimisation

- CDN Assistance

See Plan
Best Value
Standard Wordpress Site $45*

$45* per month

Business Wordpress Site

Updates - 2 x Weekly

Security Scans - 2 x Weekly

Offsite Backup:

- 1.5 month retained

- Twice Weekly

Uptime Monitoring - 5 minutes

Hosting Available

Web Site Performance:

- HTML Optimisation

- JS Minimisation

- CSS Minimisation

- CDN Assistance

- SEO and Analytics

- Monthly revision

Integrated Support

Bonus Time:

- Annual Plan 1.0 hours pm

- Monthly Plan 0.5 hours pm

See Plan
Pro Wordpress Management $60*

$60* per month

Ecommerce Wordpress Site

Updates - Daily

Security Scans - Daily

Offsite Backup:

- 3 months retained (90 backups)

- Daily

Uptime Monitoring - 5 minutes

Pro Hosting Available

Web Site Performance:

- HTML Optimisation

- JS Minimisation

- CSS Minimisation

- CDN Assistance

- SEO and Analytics

- Weekly revision

Integrated Support

Bonus Time:

- Annual Plan 1.5 hours pm

- Monthly Plan 1.0 hours pm

See Plan

* Exludes GST

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